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When you click Submit Site your recommendation will be sent to us. We will review your suggestion and if accepted, decide which topic is most appropriate for the site. Feel free to recommend a topic in the comments field. Sites are typically added within 3-5 weeks. Owners can expedite their addition for a small charge by contacting us directly on the Contact Us information page.

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Adding your website to our directory is free, however only websites that have specific information or interest to charleston SC, the Lowcountry region or coupon and deal sites are accepted. Multiple domain names pointing to the same website count as the same site. We reserve the right to refuse, censor or edit link information as we deem suitable for this directory.

Website owners may contact us at any time to have their link changed or removed.

Join the GotoCharlestonSC network. We permit other websites to frame our content for free. For example, if you want to provide a list of "golf" links on your villa rental page, you can simply "frame" our golf page on your site. That way, we maintain the list of links for you and keep all the dead links weeded out. And your content is constantly improving as we add new links. Just ask your webmaster to do this for you or contact us via email and we'll give you code you can add to your website. It's free, easy and it can make your website much more polished and useful to visitors!

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